Friday, February 02, 2007

2 months home today!

Today, we have been home on PEI with Mei Lin for 2 months. She has come so far these past 2 months, talking, understanding, affectionate, caring, trusting...I did not dream she would adjust this well so soon. What a miracle she is! Today she showed me that she knew how to open has been something new everyday. 10 things I love about her:

1. The way she sits and watches TV while enjoying her snack...she loves her snacks!
2. The way she uses her hands to gesture us to "come here".
3. The way she rocks her head to her favorite delicately.
4. The way she will stroke my face when she is sorry.
5. The way she holds her doll, rocking her and patting her back while she whimpers as if to say "poor baby".
6. The way she says Banana "Nananana"
7. The way she will grab your attention if you are not paying attention to her...she will get in your face, tilt her little head to the side and say "hi" over and over!!
8. The way she will bandaid everything with a kiss...including when mommy is mad...she will kiss me on the lips as if to say...okay, all better!
9. The way she sometimes smiles or claps in her sleep.
10. The way she never walks...she runs everywhere!!
11. The way she sometimes falls asleep while eating cheerios!
12. The way she mimics everything we do!
13. The way she loves.

Okay thats more than 10...but I could go on forever!!

Now onto her 100 Wishes Quilt. I am not making any I figure, I have had 500 people visit this blog in 5 days...that is roughly 100 people per day! And I need 100 pieces of fabric and wishes for Mei Lin's quilt. I currently only have 5 pieces (thank you to those that sent)...that means I have 95 pieces to go!! At this rate, I am thinking that maybe all I can make is a pillow case!!

I would love to have wishes from all of our followers...don't be scared!! Here is a link to someone else's quilt, so you can have an idea of what I am talking about:

I would really like to get this started before I go back to work, so send them if ya got em!
Email me at for my mailing address. Perhaps I will start up a second blog for all the quilt pieces that we receive. And if I have your email...expect to be hearing from me!!


The MacKinnon's said...

I will do my best to get out and find the perfect quilt piece for Mei Lin! I'll get Alyssa to help me pick it out!
Talk to you soon,

Lee-Anne said...

Expect an email from me! I do read your blog (ever since I saw the link when you were in China, from Deb & Shane's blog!) I don't always leave a comment... how many times can you say "Gee, your daughter is just beautiful"!!

Best of luck with your quilt - I had an absolute ball making mine... and I don't even like sewing!