Sunday, February 04, 2007

My rendition of what the Clows are doing...

As some of you know...our friends "The Clows" have just arrived in China and will meet their new 10 month old daughter Kennedy tomorrow.

From what we experienced on our trip...and since they haven't posted yet...lets have some fun...perhaps I can shed some light on what it is like that first day you arrive!

After you get off the plane and grab your luggage, you make your way down what I call "the red carpet" feel like a celebrity! There are hundreds of people standing along the side holding signs, waiting for their people to arrive, you can't understand what they are all yelling, so it is almost like they are cheering you on. It was very emotional, like you finally realize what is happening!!

It's rush hour, so you then take a 1hr bus ride to your hotel where your group has already been checked in by the just have to be given your key. At this time you would go to your your luggage, as you have to leave some of it in Beijing before departing the next day (weight restrictions are much less in China), do some money exchanging...and go to supper with your group where you will be told what will happen the next day when you receive your baby.

So, by now (it is 1:30 am in China)...Carolyn and Marvin are lying in their beds staring at the ceiling...because they can't sleep. (I am guessing)...because Carolyn just can't stop talking and counting down the seconds till they see Kennedy and Marvin is wondering who won the hockey game!! Ha Ha!! They will get up in the morning, go to breakfast...get on the bus with the rest of their group to be taken to the airport where they will be escorted to their gate. The plane to Nanchang will be delayed 1hr due to smog...and Carolyns countdown will be messed up and she will have to start a new one!! (just having fun!)..the plan will be to go to their hotel and get freshened up before going to get Kennedy...but from our experience, everything in China is I predict, they will arrive late (due to the smog delay) and then there will be no time to go to the hotel...they will go straight to Kennedy!! Oh the adrenaline!!

I am completely reliving the experience through them! Can't wait for their next post!!

Anyway, thanks to those who responded in regards to the quilt. If I haven't responded to your email as of yet...I soon will! And please pass the word on!

I am taking Mei Lin in to get her pics done on we did a test run as it is hard to get her to sit is what we came out with (and I added some new videos on the right side of the blog, so check them out too!):


Lee-Anne said...

Love her dress! Of course the cutie in it - isn't bad either!!!

Hey? When you say you have to leave luggage in Beijing - where do you leave it? Did you off load stuff you don't need, or do you leave it somewhere to be picked up later? Sorry! I'll (hopefully) be travelling later in the year - I'm a bit of an organise freak!!!

Lee-Anne said...

Sorry... if you don't want to post about the luggage thing my email is:

RoLo said...

ahaha love the posts about Carolyn:) I cant wait to see their next update.

Mei Lin's dress is beautiful, looking forward to seeing the photos.

Love the new videos.

ladybugmommy said...

That was cute...I imagine much of what you imagined is right on the money...especially Marvin wondering who won the hockey game!

I love Meilin's dress cute ...and the barette, ahhh, melt my heart.

Have fun on photo day, you will have to post the final photo.

Mommy-To-Channing said...

Love the pictures of Mei Lin. She looks so grown up and beautiful there!! I hope the pictures go good!!
Love your predictions on the Clow's. It will be interesting to hear Carolyn's remarks to!!

Mommy-To-Channing said...

Just watched the vidoe's of Mei Lin on the side. You better get that girl into gymnastics....I cant believe she is that close to doing a sommersault.....what a girl...too cute!!