Wednesday, January 31, 2007

First Beater Experience

Mei Lin has had her first experience with the "beaters". I used to love when I was a kid and mom would let us lick the beaters after she made icing or something else yummy! And Mei Lin loved it too!! Check it out:

For some video of Mei Lin...check out my cousin's website. You will find the link to her blog on the side called " Our Family in Ontario". And check out my new links and videos on the right hand side. I will try to switch them up every now and then for you.

And can anyone tell me why my video's are cut off on the right hand there a way to size them to make them smaller to fit the column width????

All is well at the Arsenault's.


RoLo said...

YUMMY:) what a great treat this is, I loved it as a kid:) actually still do:)

Watched the videos hehehe I love the one of her "showing off"

Kennedy's mom said...

Looks like the Brants weren't the only ones baking cakes!! I still love to lick the beaters...glad to hear all is well!