Sunday, January 28, 2007

IWK Pictures

Here are some pictures that our friends in Amherst sent us from our visit at the IWK

Some time to play after it was all over...

All the girls...

The girls together again...this one made me laugh out loud, anyone care to add a caption???


PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Sweet little Mei Lin! What a treat to see her each time we get on your blog.
Ps I've tagged all the island gurls if you are interested n playing along ;o)
Keep us updated on her progress.

dianne said...

"Gee Mei Lin,do you think they consider these two fingers part of the 4 food groups"????
"i don't know girlfriend,maybe we should study this a little closer".

Saint John,NB

ladybugmommy said...

"This chart makes me hungry, Mei Lin, what about you?'

"I am trying to figure out what the fascination is with all these charts."

That is so cute...whatever they are thinking they are adorable!

Anonymous said...

I can't read English yet,can you?

Read it? I'm just figuring out how to speak it!!!!!!

love this pic!!!!Mom

Mommy-To-Channing said...

What a cute picture!! Mei Lin is getting to be such a big girl...WOW I cant believe it!! I guess thats what happens when she comes to Canada and is filled with lots of LOVE!!