Friday, January 26, 2007

IWK Visit

The song playing is Mei Lin's absolute favorite song. It calms her down at night, in the car and helps her sleep. She has a Chantilly Lane bear that plays this song. Grammy gave it to her for Christmas. From the moment she first played it...she started immediatly cuddling in, resting her head on our shoulder and humming to the song, when it ends...she will run back to the bear...turn it on again and run back and get up and cuddle in again. (We brought this bear with us to IWK.)

Yesterday was Mei Lin's IWK assessment visit. We decided to drive over the day before so we would have lots of rest. We arrived at the Four Points Sheraton (used last of the aeroplan miles for that one) at around 5pm and went for supper at the Niche...nice place, good food. Mei Lin was sooo funny...the waiter was getting a good kick out of her. She was sitting just so in her high playing in the background and she would shimmy her shoulders to the music while she chewed on her food!! Wish I had the video camera!!

After supper my cousin Wendy and her husband Steve from Eastern Passage came to visit Mei Lin at the hotel room. This was their first time meeting her and Mei Lin was hyper, hyper, hyper!! She warmed right up to Wendy, it took her some time to get used to Steve but eventually she was sitting on his knee!

We got up nice and early the next morning, ordered room service for breakfast and found our way to the IWK. What a great hospital! And wonderful people! Mei Lin was very comfortable with the Cleft Team and they all thought she was just the bees knees!! She did really well, and the surgeon said it may only take one surgery to repair her cleft (surgery date April 11th tentative). So we will cross our fingers. She also saw a pediatrician who checked her over, an orthodontist...who said she will possibly need some teeth work down the audiologist...her ears are fine!! And she had some blood work done to see what she needs for shots etc. She didn't mind the blood being taken...but she hated being held down!! All in all, she did well...and after 4 hours straight of poking, breaks, bottles or snacks....she was ready for a sleep...she fell asleep walking to the cafeteria where she slept on the bench while we ate. My brave little girl!!

Highlight of the trip (and sorry I don't have pictures!) was seeing Quleanja and her family again. Quleanja was adopted at the same time as Mei Lin so we were excited to see how they would react to seeing each other again. Mei Lin was very busy...but I noticed Quleanja looking at Mei Lin quite a bit! We also got to see her two sisters Fumairia and Christelinda, who I missed very much!! They are just the best girls!!

Newest words (the best she can say them anyway):
Daddy (without plugging her nose...more like addy)

she tends to drop the first letter of most words. She is doing great. We had some rough nights this past week, but hope things will get better again soon. After her long day yesterday, she seemed to sleep a little heavier and didn't require that midnight feeding...

I will leave you with some pics and links:

The Clow's leaving for China in 7 days to pick up baby Kennedy:

Hemphill GM commercial on UTube (where I work):

Our two month forever day anniversary photo...a bit chaotic looking...but a true relection of our lives these days....and yes...that is me with brown hair.


Kennedy's mom said...

OMG, Nat, I wouldn't have recognized you if I met you on the street! It looks awesome! And contrary to popular belief, brunettes do have lots of fun! Sounds like things went very well for Mei Lin. She looks older in those pictures...I can't wait to spend some time with you guys when we get back and settled. Have a great weekend.

dianne said...

Glad to hear everything went well at the IWK,it is a great facility.She just keeps getting even more beautiful with each passing day.

Saint John,NB

The MacKinnon's said...

Hi guys!
Glad to hear things went so well at IWK. I love the newest family photo...crazy but happy, right?! Take Care. Hopefully we will see you at the Chinse New Year get together!
Tammy, Chris, Caleb, Dylan & Alyssa

ladybugmommy said...

So glad to hear that things went well... I have been thinking of you all. I love the hair too Nat!
Mei Lin looks so cute...does she have a bandana on her head in the last photo? Too cute!