Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Last Post

The main reason I wrote in this blog, was to keep my sanity and use it as a journal of all my thoughts throughout the process. Something to give Mei Lin a history for a part of her life she is likely to not remember, and as well, to educate others who are starting the adoption process on all the ups and downs of International Adoption. I think I have done that.

Our journey to our daughter has ended and we have started a new chapter in our lives. The other day we celebrated 6 months that we have been a family and Mei Lin is everything I have ever dreamed about and more. I hope each and every one of you get the chance to meet her at some point in life. She is the happiest kid I have ever met...somebody had to have taken good care of her!

(I will still be working on the quilt blog, so please feel free to check in on it and send us a quilt piece.)

I'll miss writing in my blog, but there is just no time for it anymore...and at this point, I have to step back and think about how this is Mei Lin's life after all...and it's her story to tell someday...when she's ready.

Here are my most recent pics of Mei Lin and I've put 2 new videos on the right side of the blog! Thanks for tuning in and keep in touch.


Kennedy's mom said...

Nat and Daniel,
Your little girl is turning into such a BIG girl. She is sooo beautiful. Love the pictures of her with Murray. We look forward to seeing you guys soon.

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

We will miss you, but will see you once or twice a year at out group functions. Enjoy your family. Thanks for these last few pictures and smiles from Mei Lin.

geminirn said...

Thank you so much for allowing us to follow along on your journey to your beautiful daughter.

Mei lin may you accomplish all your dreams in life.

Joe&Dianne Mahoney
Saint John,NB

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wanted to thank you for the privilege of "knowing" you and your family through this blog. So happy we met briefly in Vancouver and China!!

I haven't checked in for a bit as I don't have time anymore either!!!

All the best!!! Take care,

Jody, Doug & Olivia

OziMum said...

Your post has only JUST shown up on my bloglines, and I noted that you wrote it in May?!!

Thank you so much for sharing your journey to MeiLin... now you go and enjoy your daughter and your new family life!

in Australia

Anonymous said...

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