Thursday, April 05, 2007

Yes...we are still alive

Wow...long time since I've posted!! Been soooo busy with Mei Lin. She definitely keeps me on my toes!! I also took a little bit of mommy time and went to the Dominican last week for some R&R before Mei Lins surgery next week. We will be going to Halifax on Monday or Tuesday for her pre op appointment at the IWK where they will tell us what will happen and how to care for her, and she has her palate surgery on Wednesday morning. She currently has a nasty nasty rash all over her little body and it is driving her nuts!!! It is apparently from the laundry detergent that was used on her clothes. I hopefully will have it cleared up before her surgery, I wouldn't want her to be itchy and have her little arms in restraints!! Any suggestions on how to clear it up??...she is completely covered in small red bumps!!

Other than that, she is doing great!! She did really well the week I was away, and when I came home Tuesday night, Daniel was in the process of putting her to bed. I walked in the bedroom and she sat up, her little jaw dropped and she just started into the giggles!! She hasn't let me out of her sight since!!

I missed her very much when I was day I called home and she answered the phone with "hi mama"! she is starting to put words together!! She also used the potty on her own while I was away...geesh, all the stuff I missed!!!

We are excited to celebrate her first Easter this weekend, it will be a good weekend before she has her surgery!

I hope to post some pics soon....and thanks to everyone who sent quilt pieces...I'm behind on updating the website. Not much time on my hands these days!...still looking for pieces if anyone would like to send!!

Here's a pic of the Dominican gang!


PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Pretty happy looking bunch!
.() ()
~('o') ~*HAPPY EASTER*~

geminirn said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!Glad you had time for yourself.....looks like quite a happy bunch in the photo.

Hope all goes well next week in Halifax.


Mrs. Vandertramp said...

Sending healing wishes for a great surgery!