Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Mei Lin!

Yesterday, Mei Lin turned two! She likes to tell you that she is two as she proudly holds up 3 fingers!! (she just can't seem to keep that extra finger from popping up!) We celebrated her birthday on Sunday with family and she had a great time charming the pants off of everyone! She let out roars of excitement (and I mean roars!)everytime she opened a present! I have lots of pics and funny video to post for you all, but I need to recharge my camera batteries first. I have been sick since Monday and haven't had the energy to do much with the blog. Starting to feel better today though...but little girl woke up at 3am last night with a very high fever. She is very quiet and sleepy today with not much of an appetite (very unusual), and I found out that when she is sick she gets a purplish line all around her little lips...and her eyes get big and dark.

She is enjoying her new potty...mostly throwing toilet paper in it right now....but she catches on fast. She has been peeing in her diaper and then telling you she needs potty...a bit backwards...but like I said, she catches on fast.

I also have 8 or 10 quilt pieces to add to the 100 Wishes Quilt blog. So if you haven't seen your quilt piece there yet...I haven't forgotten about you, I've just been sick and the camera has been without batteries!

A quick good luck, and travel safe wish going out to my sister Angele who has finished her stint in Korea and is now going to spend the next two months in India travelling around before coming back to Canada. She has a friend there, so I hope they keep her safe. Thinking of you Annie!

Stay tuned, birthday pics and videos coming soon!


Journey To Our Baby Sister.... said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEI LIN!!!! Hope you had a great day!!!

Cindy L
Mama to Isabella

RoLo said...

Happy Birthday Mei Lin:) Wishing you a very special day and a year full of wonderful surprise.

Kennedy's mom said...

Happy Birthday Mei Lin!!! We have your birthday present here...we'll give it to you next Sunday at the get together. xox

Lee-Anne said...

Oooo Happy 2nd Birthday MEI LIN! And darling, you're not backwards, every kid in history, does the business first then lets Mum know about it!!! You'll be a Potty Peeing Princess in no time!

ladybugmommy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEI LIN!!!!! I hope everyone is feeling better now and I hope I get to get together with you and Carolyn when you reschedule I would love to see those two sweet girls again...Mei Lin and Kennedy... and of course Kennah wants to meet all the friends she and sister Tya will have. :)

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Happy Birthday Mei Lin! The big 2!Hope you are feeling better. Looking forward to seeing you at the March get together.

The MacKinnon's said...

Happy Birthday, Mei Lin! We can't wait to see some pictures (cake all over your face, perhaps?). See you soon,
Tammy & Alyssa