Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day Daddy!

For the past two days, Mei Lin has been saying "I LOVE YOU" quite freely! Perhaps she knows it is the time of year where we express our love to the ones most dear to us. Today, she is expressing her love to her daddy who is at work on Valentines Day!
(See her Valentines Day videos to her daddy on the side bar)

PS...I have also posted a new video of Mei Lin and her baby (on the side)...she is quite serious when it comes to her baby, she rocks her and sometimes whimpers a little as she does this, she kisses her, strokes her hair and face, pats her back, changes her bum...and recently she has started to take her baby to the bathroom and sits her on the toilet! the way, Mei Lin has used the potty once in the past week (I think that is what brought on the baby needs potty too thing!)


Journey To Our Baby Sister.... said...

Too cute Mei Lin saying I love you....Isabella just started saying it also...she says "Da night, ov oooo" Her new word lately is thank you and that one is nice and plain!! Wait until they get to they Why, what for stage!!! We want them to talk but then when they can sometimes you want them to have an "off" button!!! LOL I asked Brett the other day if he had an "off" button...OMG he was just talking non stop...everything was mommy, mommy!!!!!

Have A First, Happy Valentines Day!!!!!


PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Happy Valentines Day. I love her little voice.

Mommy-To-Channing said...

The video's are too cute!!! I love her little voice too!!