Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Huggable, Kissable, Squeezeable...Mei Lin!

If you haven't guessed already...time is scarce these days, and blogging and email are no longer at the top of my list. Not to mention that Mei Lin HATES when I sit at the computer!!

The last two weeks have been really great for Mei Lin. She has taken a turn for the positive. The screaming and crying to tell us what she wants has almost stopped, as she is using the words mommy is teaching her instead. So now, the two of us are having better days and enjoying each others company a little more. She has stopped testing us on everything as well...I figure she has just run out of things to test my patience with...and is probably scheming in her head for the BIG one!...which I'm sure will come soon!

She is sleeping fairly well in her new "big girl" bed. She still wakes through the night...but we are all resting a little better.

New words this past week:
Night, night (with two hands pressed up against her little cheek!)
Up (instead of screaming and dragging on our legs)
Leeze for Please (instead of screaming and pulling when she wants us to come here...or a taste of what we are eating)
and I Lubv for I Love You!

This is just the cutest, happiest adorable kid! I can't imagine her any happier! She is always laughing and smiling! She loves to give kisses and has recently learned how to hug back! Here are some pics of her loveable self!

Sucking up to Rory after stealing his chair!

Always kisses for her puppy!

God, I love that face!!

Quiet time on the couch with dad, before bed.

This time next week we will be in Halifax...getting ready for our 8:30am appointment at IWK. They have a whole cleft palate team that will take a look at Mei Lin and assess how much surgery she will need. She will also be looked at by a speech pathologist, audiologist, a dental surgeon...and god knows who else! It will be a very long day for Mei Lin!...wish her luck!


Kennedy's mom said...

All the luck in the world is being sent to you, Mei Lin! Nat, it's a good thing you posted because I was getting ready to harrass you since it's been a whole week since your last update!LOL We will be thinking of you all next week and hope you get good news. Take care. xo

Laurie said...

Good to see you back on line, as always thinking about you guys. I like these little updates it is like I am not missing a thing. I will be taking to you before you leave, our thoughts and prayes are always with you. Lulu & Gener

dianne said...

Sending nothing but many good luck vibes across the water to such an adorable little girl.

I know she will be in good hands at the IWK.

from Saint John,NB
lid Dec.19/05

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am looking forward to meeting my new little cousin!!! I didn't realize you Halifax! When will you be back?? I will be in PEI from the 25th, until Feb. 1st. I can't wait to see you all!!!

Anonymous said...

She is so incredibly cute I just love the little pucker up picture. Good luck in Halifax we will be thinking of you guys. She is such a little trooper, amazing what our own children teach us isn't it.

ladybugmommy said...

I wrote a post and the lights flickered and all was lost so here goes again...I wrote what a beautiful kissy face and sweet girl she is and I wished you the best of luck in Halifax, we will be thinking of you.